What covers are specificallly excluded (and why)?

Flight covers before 1950

  • Due to the specialised nature of these covers, we excluded all flight covers issued before 1950,
  • Only flight covers relating to flights that started or ended in Southern Africa, are included.


  • At this stage all maxi-cards (including SILK maxicards) are excluded.

Personalised covers

  • We tried to limited our database to covers where at least 25 where issued (we therefore exclude once-off personalised covers)

Signed covers

  • Although some of the images in the database include signed covers, the estimated cover value is only shown for unsigned covers. The value of signed covers depends on the signature and could be much higher,

Covers with printing flaws and deviations

  • At this stage we only have included standard covers in the database. Covers with flaws and deviations are a specialised field and the value could be much higher than the value of standard covers.

How was the estimated value of each cover determined?

(All values are shown in South African Rand)
The value shown on this website is not the traditional dealer price, but rather a value that a collector could expect if he/she wants to sell the item.
For standard first day covers issued by the SA Post Office, the SACC dealer value was used (2019 edition) as basis, but reduced to a expected market price for collectors
The Atlas listing of date stamps and the Borgstein listing of Railway stamps were also used as basis.
Regular sales of online sites as Bid or Buy and Ebay was also taken into account.
The number of covers issued (when this was available) was also taken into account.
Where the theme of a certain cover is popular, this was also taken into account.
But remember – The eventual value of a certain item depend on what you are willing to pay for it and what the seller wants for it, not what is shown in a catalogue or on this website.
Should you disagree with a value of a certain cover and want to propose a change, please let me know. Try to attach proof of an actual transaction to substantiate your proposal.

What countries are included?

All South African covers issued since 1910 are included (Union and RSA). It also includes the TBVC Homelands issues as well as South West Africa and Namibia, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.
At a later stage it could be considered to add Swaziland and Botswana to the database.