This project would not have realised without the assistance of the following people. I am greatful for their input and advice.


When I started to search for flight covers on the internet, I was lucky to be referred to Terry for information.
Terry has moved in recent years to his kids in Australia, and although I have not met him personally, we have become good friends.
I am amazed by his knowledge of flight covers and the general history of flight covers of South Africa.

Terry was involved with the design and production of various flight covers though his involvement
with the Kempton Park Philatelic Society and the Aerophilatelic Society

His collection of Rugby and Cricket covers (most of them signed by famous players) is unsurpassed and I am grateful
that I can include this treasure as part of this project.

Over the past year, Terry took hundreds of photos of his covers with his phone.
This was then send to me electronically to enable me to include them all in this database.


If you start researching railway covers, it does not take long before someone refers you to Albert Borgstein.
When I contacted him, I was able to obtain a copy of his book “South African Railway Thematic Covers : 1910 – 2003”.

When you read this publication, you are amazed by the thoroughness and detail that Albert put into this publication.
I tried to see if I could collect any images of Railway covers not included in his book, but to no avail!

Albert was very generous in allowing me to copy images of covers from his book.
I also decided to create an extra field in my database where I cross reference my covers to
the index in his publication (where applicable).
I have named this index the "Borgstein Index”.

I understand that Albert’s book is currently sold out but Albert has plans to arrange extra copies in the near future.
You are welcome to contact him by email at


I don’t think there is anyone in South Africa with a better knowledge of Antarctic Philately then Mark Boekstein.
He is currently working as a lecturer in Tourism at UCT. One of his research interests include Antarctic Tourism.

Mark undertook various Antarctic trips to Marion Island and SANAE during witch he became involved in the design and production of
South African Antarctic Philatelic covers. If it was not for his determination,
the production of Antarctic covers would have ended a few years ago.

Mark provided me with useful background information relative to Antarctic covers and he was able to supply
extra images of covers not yet included in my database.

Mark also gave permission that I include his Article “Antarctic Philately and its role in preserving the history of
South Africa’s involvement in Antarctica” as a downloadable article under the tab “Research Material”.


Any internet researcher of Philatelic Flight Covers and Military covers will have read “Flight and Fight – a listing by Danie van Zyl”.
This publication includes all covers issued by South African Military units up to 2006.
Its also covers South African Airways official covers up to 1994.

Danie was also involved in another publication “Atlas Listing of Commemorative and Special Date Stamps”.
This publication includes a list of all special commemorative date stamps issued from 1910 to 2006.

You will notice that the covers include in the Philcosa data base are all cross-referenced to this Atlas publication.

I am grateful that Danie gave me permission to include both these publicationa as part of the free research material
that can be downloaded by visitors to this website.


I am also grateful towards Danny for his contribution to ensure that I could include all Gold covers in the database.
Danny scanned a lot of his collection and sent me good quality images of the covers I was still missing.


After launching the website in March 2022, Andrew contacted me and offered to scan his collection of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe covers.
This enabled me to upload his quality images to the website and extend the database to include Rhodesia and Zimbabwe.


In the beginning of 2022, I made contact with Morne to enquire if he could assist me in creating the PHILCOSA database website.
I was immediatly impressed with his easy way of accommodating my wishes and dreams. He made an effort to include all my proposals
and finished the project in the shortest of time.

If anybody of you are looking for a website developer, I can sincerely recommend him.
You can contact him on

As you will see from the above, this project was a team effort thus far and
I am hoping that I can get more of you involved to improve this database.