During the Covid lock-down period in 2020 - 2021, I decided to keep myself busy scanning
my cover collection and indexing them on area and date they were cancelled.

Soon this was extended by searching the internet for extra images of covers.
Never did I imagine that I would end up with more than 7 000 images of different covers issued by
South Africa, the Homelands, South West Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

I decided to share this project on this free website with other philatelists.
Hopefully this project will help to increase interest in our hobby and inspire young people to join us.

I am confident that there are hundreds of extra covers not yet included in this database.
I am also sure that certain of the information in this database could be incorrect or not
complete. This project will therefore be ongoing and I trust that you as collector will assist
me to inprove on this database in the coming months.

My dream is to keep this website free to all interested philatelists.
I hope to cover the monthly cost of running this website by offering advertising space on the home page.
Please support the advertisers and mention that you got there details from this website.

This project would not have been possible without the assistance from some great fellow philatelists.
Please click on the link “Acknowledgements” where I mention them individually.

Please contact me directly on info@philcosa.com should you wish to make suggestions on how to improve or extend this database.
I will try to get back to you inbetween my duties as webmaster and grandfather!